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ZKS Martial arts in Watford

About us at ZKS BJJ

ZKS BJJ is the newest addition to ZKS Martial Arts classes.
Working in association with RGA Bucks, we aim to offer a welcoming group to one of the fastest growing martial arts, Brazilian Jiu jitsu to Watford.
Ben Babbington will be running the classes and has been training for a number of years under Kevin Capel at Roger Gracie Academy Buckinghamshire.
Ben Babbington had founded ZKS Martial Arts nearly 20 years ago and has extensive coaching knowledge in martial arts.
Kevin Capel and his team will support ZKS BJJ to become the leading brazilian jiu jitsu club in Watford.
RGA is regarded as one of top clubs in BJJ competitions with many coaches with national and international titles. Why not join us to become part of this top team of martial artists!

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